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Oil Palm Boiler Companies Provide Solutions to Palm Oil Mill and Palm Kernel Oil Mill Business Actors to Use High Value Added Machines.
Jesslyn Angka Wiranata, Marketing Director of Oil Palm Boiler Company reported that most types of M-VANCE machines have got patents, which are “Total Reengineering & Problem Solving than machines that have been circulating in the market so far. "In general, these machines only play in the level of price competition which is a little cheaper, but the Technology which is already an old science design (approximately Forty five years ago), reasons a lot of constraints on the throughput of production quality and in terms of high cost of repairing machines. So that the users of these old technology machines will experience inefficient and ineffective production techniques in the factory which results in a lot of losses and earnings that are not Optimum Observed Jesslyn Angka Wiranata to SAWIT INDONESIA in Jakarta.

One of the M-VANCE machine series that is leading is the MS 800R EFB Shredders which has many advantages. According to Alexander, this machine has a gearbox which reduces the risk of broken blades or shafts due to automatic tipping when the fruit overload occurs. Other give a boost to comes from the size and sturdiness of the main shaft and bearing so as to minimize shaft fracture.
Unlike other slicing machines, the fiber size produced by the MS 800R is smaller (4-6 inches) so there will be no jumping on the machine. In other machine Products you will find large fibers and stones (raw fruit) that are over loading and will roll in the space shaft of the knife bar. As a result, the machine will become Caught often empty bunches have to be poked with iron so that they can enter the chopping machine. "If this is performed frequently, it will cause inefficiency and loss for the palm oil mill. But by using the MS 800R, jammed engine problems and broken knives will not Come about Acknowledged Alexander.
A sturdy machine, according to Alexander, is the advantage of the MS 800R EFB Shredders, which weighs 3,850 kilograms. With regards to to other machines that have 3 sections, MS 800R is made of only 1 Section The engine capacity is 8-9 metric tons per hour and the electric motor is 75 hp (4 poles).
MS 800R Shredders are supported by a more potent base I-beam engine leg so as to cut back engine vibration as a cause of spare social gathering damage.
Even notwithstanding it is large in size, it does not mean that Traglopindo Utama's merchandise are problematic to maintain. Alexander defined that the ease of repairs is what makes the machine's economic life and repairs prices lessen and the throught put more stable. Even if upkeep has to be Performed dismantling the engine body is not probability because it has 1 section and only needs to open a few bolts. In addition, oil changes are easier to do because indicators and oil waste are like car engine blocks so repairs is not intricate and reduces the needless risk of broken bearings.
In October 2011, M-VANCE at the PIPOC-KL exhibition released the M-6000 FFB Crusher / Splitter, which is the newest FFB Crusher / Splitter collection to open raw fruit or stone fruit in palm oil Mills Jesslyn Angka Wiranata explained that oil palm plantation entrepreneurs every so often face a drawback to accept stone fruit that is sold by farmers. This is because if the stone fruit is appropriate it the explanation why the level of losses to be bigger because the fruit is actually not ready for harvest, whereas if it is rejected it will cause friction with farmers or cut back the competitiveness of buying fruit with other competing oil palm mills (PKS). "So the work of the M-6000 digits the stone fruit which actually still includes oil," observed Alexander.
The core function of the M-6000FFB crusher / splitter is that the use of a machine at the same time will Build up factory Capability (without making an investment in a sterilizer which is actually more expensive) because all the oil palm fruit bunches are opened which makes it easier to penetrate the steam boiler and shorter cooking times. For example, mentioned Alexander, the cooking time that wanted to be 110 mins was reduced by about 70 minutes.
The M-6000 has a single gearbox that will not jam the engine in the event of an overload. Then, the machine does not need to be definitely disassembled when the palm fruit bunches are too small or large are clogged in this machine. So, you don't need to open the drum & shaft because you only need to be set semi-manually with adjustable main shaft & drum.
https://www.asitorboiler.com/ , the spike drum blade has been split, which can save maintenance expenses and there is no need to replace spare occasion for one large drum unit due to the machine design that does not fit properly.
The Oil Palm Boiler Manufacturer has a series of MB 900R EFB Presser machines which function to take the remaining OER in empty bunches (tankos) stronger and are very stable for up to 800-1000 hours HM, in addition to dry empty bunches. The size of the chopped fibers after leaving the presser is about 2-4 inches.
This machine is easier to maintain because the press cage and desktop screw have been split which makes spare elements economical and easy to disassemble. This is what makes maintenance attraction lessen and will become more competitive than other Products For bug screw, split it into 5pcs to make it easier to replace spare parts.
For other machine Requirements particularly the M-15 Palm Kernel Screw Press. This machine works under very harsh conditions and encompasses a to compress the palm kernel which is known to be the traveller part. This machine urgent pattern can be called extreme urgent because the palm kernel is pressed Style after which the pulp is moved to the second station so that the level of oil loss can be minimized. When entering the second pressing process, the machine works tougher to take out the remaining oil that is still there.
The challenging work of this machine will create conditions that are very abrasive, acidic and very hot which makes the pressing smoke in the machine from time to time very thick and the machine any more sounds like exploding as a result of the friction.
The added value of the M-15 is the incredibly high OER (yield) of around 46% -47%. Where this has been proven to date with the achievements of two large manufacturers from two well-known KCP teams in Peninsular Malaysia, while the normal of other product machines on the market reaches a general range of only 44% 45 The high yield produced by the M-15 was due to improvements in the engine design device and plant operations.
Jesslyn Angka Wiranata noted the Oil Palm Boiler Company strives to provide machine merchandise with high added value to oil palm plantation establishments in Indonesia, so that Indonesia also has more suitable competitiveness in the perpetually market with the use of more progressive machines and better Control of course. Oil Palm Boiler Organisations are not just vendors or sole Retailers So, the items introduced are tutorial in nature, the availability of spare occasion stocks and a technical women team engaged in the field to provide after-sales services so that buyers are effective and effective and have high competitiveness, of course.
In terms of price, Alexander Defined the product may be around 10% -15% enhanced than other machine Merchandise Nevertheless it the added value provided can reach 30% - 40% more so that if it is calculated, it will be more beneficial for M-VANCE product clients than users who buy other machines on the basis of consideration of machines that are only cheap.
Oil Palm Boiler Establishments also provide additional services to buyers of their Merchandise through working towards activities. Alexander said that the practicing provided is in the nature of transferring experience so that customers know the details of the machine and can maintain it Continuously This is in accordance with the company's motto which can be seen on the company's website http://www.traglopindoutama.com, which is "Serve Wholeheartedly - We Provide Good Evidence Not Promises".

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